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SCI Fiber from SCI REMC, is a grassroots movement that will bridge the digital divide between rural and urban areas, bringing high-speed internet to rural Hoosiers.

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In order to minimize risk, SCI REMC's Board of Directors chose to move forward in a phased-in zone approach to protect co-op ratepayers and the financial integrity of the electric cooperative. Phase one construction starts in Morgan County. We expect to start construction in June, and begin connecting homes in January. We encourage all members to preregister at any time. By preregistering you are expressing interest in service. When construction is in process in your area, we will contact you to complete an order for service. There is no payment collected during preregistration. This process just allows you to complete a simple form to let us know what services you are interested in. By preregistering now, the installation fee will be waived. When the time arrives to install fiber at your home, you will simply sign a service agreement.

Tier 1: 50/50 - Residential

50mbps upload and download!
Unlimited, no data caps

Perfect for:
  • Sending emails
  • Streaming videos
  • Downloading music & photos
  • Internet gaming


Tier 2: 100/100 - Residential

100mbps upload and download!
Unlimited, no data caps

Perfect for:
  • Online conferencing
  • Streaming on multiple devices
  • Downloading HD & 4K Ultra movies
  • Regularly uploading & downloading large files


Tier 3: 1Gig - Residential

1gbps upload and download!
Unlimited, no data caps

Perfect for:
  • Streaming 5+HD videos at once while emailing & web surfing
  • Transfering data on internet faster than saving it on a computer
  • Downloading an entire digital movie (14 GB) in under 2 minutes
  • Video conferencing with 10 people at once


Phone (VOIP) - *Add to Tier 1-3 for $40

Unlimited local and long-distance calling. Tons of free calling features, all served through the same fiber cable as the internet.

*Internet service must be purchased for phone to be available. No additional installation charge for the phone service.

Small Business (up to 10 users)

Plans starting at 50mbps for $75/month.

Commercial (11+ users)

Pricing based on customer needs.

Zones Working towards service

Why is high-speed internet critical to our future?

9:13am April 9, 2018

Check out this video!

Why is high-speed internet critical to our future?

Announcing Phase I Of Fiber-To-The-Home Project

2:21pm April 4, 2018

South Central Indiana Rural Electric Membership Corporation (SCI REMC) kicked off its anticipated fiber-to-the-home business (SCI FIBER) today. The first areas set to receive high-speed internet services through SCI are southeastern Morgan County near Cope and Taggart Crossing, northwestern Brown County near Waycross, and around Lake Lemon in Monroe County. Construction is set to begin in June, and SCI plans to offer members in these areas an opportunity to start signing up for service at the end of the year.

At the event, State Senator Eric Koch (District 44) stated, “South Central Indiana REMC was originally formed to solve a big infrastructure problem—lack of electricity in rural Indiana. Here we are 80 years later, and SCI REMC is announcing they are solving the 21st Century problem of a lack of electricity—a lack of high-speed internet service in rural Indiana.” Koch has authored several pieces of legislation over years designed to solve the lack of rural internet in Indiana, including the bill for infrastructure development zones in 2013, the broadband-ready community bill in 2015, and the Senate-Enrolled Act in 2017 that allows electric co-ops to utilize existing electric poles for fiber installation.

“Today, quality of life and economic development are tied to the availability of high-speed internet. Communities within our service territory are underserved, and we recognize the positive role SCI REMC can play in meeting our members’ needs. A collaborative effort, I give credit to my fellow board members for their fastidious dedication to our members, and to the staff of SCI REMC for working diligently to make fiber a reality. Both were needed to make this project possible,” said SCI REMC Board Chairman Bruce Hamlin.

Phase I will include offering service to approximately 3,754 homes. The selected locations explore the many scenarios SCI will encounter throughout the construction process, including uneven terrain, both underground and overhead installations, and more, in order to put the co-op in the best position to succeed as they get the business up and running.

“We are working to fill a need in our rural communities, and in wanting to be transparent through it all, we area posting updates and frequently asked questions on a dedicated website www.sciremc.com/scifiber,” said SCI REMC President and CEO James Tanneberger. “We encourage people to visit this site often for updates, and to preregister for service, which will help us gauge interest, as well as be a factor in how our construction will progress.”

High-speed internet in rural areas has been a large cause, shared by several groups including the Office of the Lt. Governor of Indiana, the Office of Community and Rural Affairs (OCRA), local legislators like Rep. Eric Koch, electric cooperatives and more.

Since 1939, SCI REMC has provided essential electric services, mostly in remote rural locations. Availability of high-speed communications and internet access in the areas we serve has today become as critical to the health and prosperity of rural communities as availability of electricity service was in the 1930s. Access to a highspeed internet connection has gone from a luxury to a necessity, and most of our electric members are at risk of being left behind. We want to make sure this does not happen. We want to fulfill the cooperative’s responsibility to the community as implied by Cooperative Principle #7, which states, “While focusing on member needs, cooperatives work for the sustainable development of their communities through policies supported by the membership.”

High-speed internet access in the rural areas means: more economic development with businesses being able to move into these areas, potentially higher property values for electric co-op members, access to advancements like tele-health, online classes and more. Additionally, installing fiber throughout the service territory will help modernize electric operations to meet members’ growing desires to save energy through load control and other functions that require smart infrastructure.

We're bringing fiber to rural Hoosiers!

8:21am April 3, 2018

Since 1939, SCI REMC has provided south central Indiana with essential services, even in remote rural locations. Recently, you—our members—asked us to investigate the option of providing high-speed internet to our service area. We heard you, and I am thrilled to announce the launch of SCI Fiber. SCI Fiber brings members high-speed internet up to 1 Gigabit per second. That’s 1,000 Megabits per second—100 times faster than the national average.

Fiber is known for being future-proof, meaning the fiber we install today will be able to handle increased data loads as the need for more and more speed grows. Our fiber network is also more reliable than other types of networks, less prone to interference and complications from lightning and other natural elements. Fiber also tends to raise the property value of homes by as much as 3.1%.

Every SCI REMC member who preregisters on this site will be eligible for free installation when SCI Fiber gets to their area. You will also receive a wifi router so you have the best possible wireless connection in your home or business. This will allow you to have multiple devices from desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, TVs, and more all connected at speeds that will make everyone happy.

SCI Fiber also introduces phone service! Our phone service will provide crystal clear connections, including reliable access to 911 emergency services and advanced calling features.

South Central Indiana REMC has a proud history of bringing power to the area, and we look forward to the future as we bring fiber to the communities we know and love.

James Tanneberger
President & CEO, SCI REMC

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SCIREMC - william byrd

11:31am April 18, 2018

william byrd

I am excided to hear the news. It least there is hope for us country people. My 2.5 DSL doesn't cut it in todays internet, just to update my phone takes a while. At least someone finally cares. It might be 2 years before it gets to me but, thats two years earlier than the other companies. I spread it on FB. Great job SCREMC....

SCIREMC - William Biddle

2:20pm April 16, 2018

William Biddle

So excited to hear this advancement. Difficult to live in this day and age without good internet. Children are spending too much time at Starbucks and McDonalds doing school work! Looking forward to your installation on Pumpkinvine Hill Road and Wilbur Road Area.


12:24pm April 16, 2018

SCI Fiber
Campaign Owner

Ed Bitner: We are very excited to be bringing fiber to our members! Our entire fiber project will be completed in 4 years. Our current focus is getting high-speed internet to our members. We do not have plans to offer TV at this time.

SCIREMC - Bernard Wood

10:31am April 16, 2018

Bernard Wood

Hey there! I am so thrilled to hear this! Let me know how I can help! I am a former Comcast employee and a current Comcast contractor (Video Production...not cable installation). Let me know what I can do to help spread the word and get word out and get this show on the road! thank you!!!!

SCIREMC - Ed Bitner

6:53pm April 14, 2018

Ed Bitner

We are more than excited to hear this. We once had FTTH with Smithville Telephone before we built this new home and moved in. When we first bought the property 11 years ago Smithville told us they would have FTTH out here (Stinesville) in two years. They've told us that every year for 10 years and just this last month told us they "might" have it out here in three years. I hope SCIREMC beats that record. But I also hope you will offer TV service as well like Smithville did when we had them.


1:26pm April 13, 2018

SCI Fiber
Campaign Owner

Eric Robinson: Thank you for helping us spread the word! Preregistration is very important!

SCIREMC - Eric Robinson

12:11pm April 13, 2018

Eric Robinson

This is wonderful. I have been dreaming of this for years. It is VERY important to pre-register because the documentation says that plans will not be finalized until pre-registration goals are met. So, I encourage everybody to PLEASE pre-register now. The sooner the pre-registration goals are met, the sooner the work will begin! THANKS!!!!


8:03am April 13, 2018

SCI Fiber
Campaign Owner

We are so happy to hear about all of the excitement! John Webb: We are using preregistration as a factor in determining the next phase. We are encouraging everyone to share our preregistration site with your neighbors and friends as the next phase has not yet been set. We promise to keep everyone up to date during this exciting time!

SCIREMC - John Webb

11:38pm April 12, 2018

John Webb

I understand that the Zone 1 construction is scheduled to start the end of may. Can you advise when the service is scheduled to be available for use?

SCIREMC - Angie Kline

8:48pm April 12, 2018

Angie Kline


SCIREMC - Joe Jachim

11:30am April 12, 2018

Joe Jachim

I can't begin to express the joy I will feel to get high speed data! If it will get me hooked up faster, I will volunteer to dig a trench or two....

SCIREMC - Corey Phillips

5:08pm April 11, 2018

Corey Phillips

Lake Edgewood is struggling to find decent internet. Would love it if this were available out here. Would sign up immediately.


8:24am April 11, 2018

SCI Fiber
Campaign Owner

Nathan Jeter: Zone 1 construction will start at the end of May, and parts of Monroe and Brown counties are scheduled to be services by the end of 2018.

SCIREMC - Nathan Jeter

5:32pm April 10, 2018

Nathan Jeter

I have preregistered and am in zone 1. What is the timeline for zone 1’s completion?


9:51am April 10, 2018

SCI Fiber
Campaign Owner

Barbara Fowler: The equipment we offer with your plan will provide Wi-Fi in your home

SCIREMC - Peri Rogowski

2:48pm April 9, 2018

Peri Rogowski

As President of Dogwood Hill Estates (located between SR67 and SR142), we are VERY excited for this service to finally be coming available in our area. We've tried satellite internet (terrible) and finally have just learned to minimally survive with activating personal hotspots from our cell phones. This truly is great news! Hopefully our area (and that of our Wilbur neighbors) will be included on the next phase of fiber installation! Thank you!

SCIREMC - Barbara Fowler

1:17pm April 9, 2018

Barbara Fowler

What about Wi-Fi?

SCIREMC - Ian Smith

2:53pm April 6, 2018

Ian Smith

We're very excited about this. I use the internet to make a living, and regularly drive to a nearby town to sit in coffee shops just to get work done. That's because right now we get our internet via cell phone, and that's only possible with a booster antenna placed on the roof, as high as we can get it. Our speeds are typically about 1.5mbps, with 0.2mbps being typical for the evening, making even basic email almost unusable, nevermind video. I will be telling my neighbors about this!


11:51am April 5, 2018

SCI Fiber
Campaign Owner

Jonathan Weaver: Encourage your neighbors and friends to preregister, as this will be a factor in determining the next Phase. Check our Updates tab to stay up to date on future steps in the fiber project. High-speed internet IS coming to you!


7:53am April 5, 2018

SCI Fiber
Campaign Owner

John Webb: Work will begin in May, and parts of Monroe and Brown counties are scheduled to be serviced by the end of 2018!

SCIREMC - Cameron Brown

9:38pm April 4, 2018

Cameron Brown

Ill be ready for when it hits Wilbur Rd. Ive been wiring my house with gigabit ready equipment and Cat. cable while remodeling and when this hits the area, it will be great. Looks like pre planning for the future paid off.

SCIREMC - Jonathan Weaver

7:02pm April 4, 2018

Jonathan Weaver

Looks like yet another company skipping my area - per your map... crooked creek area off big bend road l, far north Morgan county near 37 isn’t included. Already have your electric service, would be extremely happy if remc would run device to out neighborhood that always gets skipped. 40isj homes and I’d have a hard time imagining almost all wouldn’t sign up

SCIREMC - Christopher  Dick

4:56pm April 4, 2018

Christopher Dick

I am so excited to see this happening! Alas I am not in phase 1, oh the antici.................pation!

SCIREMC - John Webb

4:51pm April 4, 2018

John Webb

YAY!!! This is exciting news! Is there a projected groundbreaking?

SCIREMC - John Webb

4:32pm April 4, 2018

John Webb

YAY!!!! Any concept of when ground will be broke for fiber project?

SCIREMC - John Webb

4:24pm April 4, 2018

John Webb

YAY!!!! Any concept of when ground will be broke for fiber project?


4:03pm April 4, 2018

SCI Fiber
Campaign Owner

Robert: Phase 2 will start early next year. Stay up to date by visiting our Updates tab on this website!


4:02pm April 4, 2018

SCI Fiber
Campaign Owner

Alvin: We are happy to hear you are excited about this! We just announced this exciting news to the public April 3. You can help us spread the word by sharing this site!

SCIREMC - Tommi Wright

3:08pm April 4, 2018

Tommi Wright

I am more than excited to see this on its way to my neighborhood as we are in "Phase 1" :)


2:16pm April 4, 2018

SCI Fiber
Campaign Owner

Thanks for the feedback everyone! Stay connected, and visit often to view our Updates tab.

SCIREMC - Edward Linenthal

2:15pm April 4, 2018

Edward Linenthal

Yes, yes, and yes again! Been far too long to be without fast internet....

SCIREMC - Michael Williams

2:00pm April 4, 2018

Michael Williams

This is great news! With today's way of living internet has became a huge part of that. this has been long over due for the people of Morgantown!! Can't wait!

SCIREMC - Alvin Zeunik

1:51pm April 4, 2018

Alvin Zeunik

I can’t wait to get this. But you need to advertise this great deal a whole lot more. The only way I found out about it is through my son who heard about it from a friend. I know there has to be a lot of people out there who would jump all over this if they knew about it. I don’t know how but you must GET THE WORD OUT!!!!!!

SCIREMC - Robert Wells

1:27pm April 4, 2018

Robert Wells

Do they know when they will be starting in the Wilbur area?

SCIREMC - Doug Southworth

10:07am April 4, 2018

Doug Southworth

I'm more than ready to have this at my home. I just moved into the area 6 months ago and the lack of internet options has really made life difficult for someone who works in IT. Let us know what we can do to help move this along!

SCIREMC - Joe Palmer

9:55am April 4, 2018

Joe Palmer

This is great news. Finally gave up on AT&T DSL and went with a cellular plan. But a fiber connection would be so much BETTER ready to kick AT&T phone and cellular to the curb if this comes my neighborhood.

SCIREMC - Brad  Royalty

8:02pm April 3, 2018

Brad Royalty

Please hurry. We’re suck in the stone ages working with cell internet lol. We need it on three story hill road

SCIREMC - Arthur Phares

5:01pm April 3, 2018

Arthur Phares

Our current internet is equivalent to a hamster on a wheel. Can't wait for something that works.

SCIREMC - Jon Prairie

4:29pm April 3, 2018

Jon Prairie

I am so excited to be in the phase one group..been waiting for a long time for good quality internet and this sounds like it will be exceptional! Thabks for bring this to our area!

SCIREMC - Deana Applegate

3:38pm April 3, 2018

Deana Applegate

Excited to see this and can't get signed up soon enough!

SCIREMC - David Bright

2:16pm April 3, 2018

David Bright

Thank you for providing this to your customers. This is a long time coming for us in Brown County. Glad to see that even though I'm not included in phase 1, it should only be a matter of time now before we are able to join the 21st Century.

SCIREMC - david wallace

1:01pm April 3, 2018

david wallace

this cant happen soon enough...im excited to possibly get unlimited internet!

SCIREMC - Jordy  Smith

12:46pm April 3, 2018

Jordy Smith

Super excited about the thought of bringing Fiber to the Mooresville area and all other areas. Looking forward to the great service provided by SCI REMC.

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