High-Speed Internet for Rural Hoosiers

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12:19PM August 29, 2018

Christopher Williams

Ok I hope it's ok to ask this here: in the past, I've tried multiple different cable companies, in hopes to be provided with fast and reliable internet service, to no avail. The main reason they couldn't do it, was because they would have to run a line underground about 400 ft away from an existing pole. Which I believe is how you guys run your power line to my residence. I assume that you'll be running single mode fiber cable. What are the chances that you could run armored single mode fiber to my residence? I'd do anything to get this to happen. I'd even be willing to help you guys with whatever services you need. I went to school for Computer Information Systems, so I could always be of help regarding WAN. Feel free to contact me at any time, as my information is in your guys systems. 2558 greasy Creek. Ty