High-Speed Internet for Rural Hoosiers

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11:10AM September 14, 2018

SCI Fiber Admin

Melody Mallory: Great questions Melody! We cannot speak on other providers' pricing and information. SCI Fiber is strictly a product from SCI REMC. Our employees will have properly marked apparel and vehicles, and will never pressure you to sign anything on the spot. SCI REMC is not building fiber for another provider to use. SCI Fiber is our internet provider. If you ever have doubts or questions please feel free to give us a call. We will be running fiber directly to your home for ZERO additional fees as long as you sign up for our services when we are in your area. We are NOT charging members an installation fee. We will be offering a router that comes with managed Wi-Fi services for a monthly fee, but we are also allowing members to use their own devices.