High-Speed Internet for Rural Hoosiers

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11:16AM October 02, 2018

SCI Fiber Admin

Ed Edwards: Hi Ed! Information on our TV packages will be coming soon. That is a great question. First, to our knowledge, Endeavor provides a good service, so we’d rather call the following items differences, not necessarily advantages depending on your point of view. Ultimately, the services should be comparable. Here are a few differences that SCI REMC members should understand when dealing with comparable products offered at comparable prices. - SCI Fiber will be made available to all members; even those who live in less densely populated areas. SCI REMC took the risk to do this when others would not. -SCI Fiber is a benefit to SCI REMC electric members because excess revenues from the fiber side will be utilized to help cover expenses on the electric side and help maintain or even reduce electric rates. -Because SCI Fiber is a part of the SCI REMC cooperative, profits will be reinvested and returned to members. -SCI Fiber seeks to provide SCI REMC members and other folks in the community a straight forward bill with no mysterious charges. Before committing to service with another provider, we suggest that folks get a copy of an actual bill and look for unexplained charges. Some providers have as much as $14 added to bills for which there is no service provided.