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1:03PM October 03, 2018

SCI Fiber Admin

G.L. Woods: Hi Mr. Woods, As a cooperative, our profits are returned to our members rather than provided to stockholders or private owners. Capital credits are the member’s share of the co-op’s net margins (revenue received by your cooperative minus expenses.) They are divided up proportionally by the amount that each member paid during each specific year. Those who paid more will get more back, and those who paid less will receive a smaller amount back. In the past, capital credits have been paid both through electric bill credits and actual checks sent to members. We will private message you with the amounts and years that capital credits have been paid to your account. We are seeking to provide critical services, use revenues to recover costs, and return what is left. SCI Fiber helps with that equation because, as SCI's costs to provide electricity rise, the additional revenue from SCI Fiber can help cover those costs, allowing us to provide stable electric rates in the future.