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9:14AM November 13, 2018

Kevin Bales

Hello, I am part of Phase 1, and am very excited about the prospect of "real" internet connectivity after nearly 20 years of garbage! My question is this - your crews have strung fiber all the way to the end of our road (runs right past out house!!) and have strung the messenger wire between the street pole and the pole near our house (we live a little off the road). When will the fiber be run that goes from the street pole to the pole near our house?? By the way, the crews that came out and ran the messenger wire were excellent and very friendly! Thank you

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4:11PM November 13, 2018

SCI Fiber
They are installing our distribution service lines now, and the fiber to the home will be ran when they connect your service. All of Phase 1 installations should be complete by mid 2019.