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7:58PM November 13, 2018

Brian Williams

Hello. I received an email saying I needed to schedule a “pre-drop assessment”. There wasn’t a link in the email nor do I see a place on your website to do this. Can you advise please? Thank you.

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2:01PM November 16, 2018

Dewayne Elder
I was wondering the same thing. At the office I was told to do it on the website but after updating my order there still wasn't an option to set up assessment so I checked comments and there was the answer. Maybe you can post something on the site and/or send out another email to clarify this for others.

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3:05PM November 15, 2018

SCI Fiber
Hi Brian. Even if you are preregistered, make sure to update your order. Once it is updated, someone from the SCI Fiber team will contact you to set up your assessment.