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9:35AM November 30, 2018

William Click

I am noticing some big Beige metal boxes attached to some of the poles. Some are in peoples front yards. They are very ugly. Cant these be attached to poles near fields or poles away from homes?

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7:21PM December 03, 2018

Joe Palmer
The other option I believe would be boxes mounted to the ground. I seen one of these today at the substation on Old Morgantown Rd Are those more pleasing to the eye maybe.

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1:42AM December 03, 2018

Steven Crook
Lol. You are good at your job "random SCI Fiber representative". You are very patient. It is much more expensive to purchase equipment that is more "pleasing to the eye". I wonder how long people would spend looking at these poles anyways? Most likely, they are strategically placed where they are, based on what best serves that section of the fiber run that is being serviced there. Putting all of that equipment somewhere else simply to give a better view of the sky is ... well, I will leave it there. We are getting high speed internet, literally the fastest available currently, and folks are concerned over how the poles look in their area? The poles are not a part of the front yard since they are in the easements :)

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3:33PM November 30, 2018

SCI Fiber
Hi William. We are looking into other alternatives regarding the metal boxes that seem to create an eyesore.