High-Speed Internet for Rural Hoosiers

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5:22PM May 14, 2018

Donald & Vickie Morrison

Dear SCI REMC: THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Our family cannot wait to have your fiber service installed!!! We have been reading about the addition of the 500 Mbps tier and we think this is also excellent news--thank you! It hits that awesome "sweet spot" between the 100 Mbps and the 1,000 Mbps (1 Gbps) plans. Plus, it's a fair deal for symmetrical service, without any quotas! This cannot happen quickly enough. Also, we just noticed, too, that in addition to adding the 500 Mbps tier for $100.00 per month, now, the $40.00 per month fee for VoIP service has been waived for those purchasing the 1 Gbps tier, at $150.00 per month!!! Honestly, that $40.00 per month fee for VoIP service seemed a little expensive to us, particularly for those purchasing the more expensive tiers; however, with that fee being waived on the 1 Gbps tier, this makes this tier that much more attractive. Plus, it makes this top tier much more economical, since it just received a $40.00 per month price cut!!! Thank you, SCI REMC for installing and providing these excellent services for your co-op members!!! Our family will continue to spread the word on these great upcoming fiber services from SCI REMC; again, thank you!!! BRING ON THE FIBER!!!