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Construction Update April 2022

12:04PM April 15, 2022

Construction Updates by Zone


In-Service Zones: Construction including drops is complete for Brooklyn 102, Brooklyn 104, Brooklyn 105, Cope 101, Cope 102, Cope 104, Drop Zone 1, East Madison 103, East Madison 104, Ellettsville 101, Heartland 104, Martinsville SE, Needmore 102, Needmore 103, Needmore 104, Paragon 101, Park Ave 101, Park Ave 104, Princes Lakes 103, Princes Lakes 104, Princes Lakes 101, Rodeo, Stader 104, and Bean Blossom 101, Bean Blossom 102, and Ellettsville South.  New orders for these zones are continually coming in.  Our target is to provide service to any new orders in these zones within 6 weeks of registering if weather allows.

 Please see below for estimated timelines related to zones being constructed in 2022. 
 Please remember that there are many factors that could change these timelines!


Brummetts Creek 103: Distribution construction is complete, splicing is in progress and expected to be completed by the end of April.  Drops and activations are expected to start in May 2022.