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Construction Update October 2022

11:19AM October 17, 2022

Construction Updates by Zone


Please see below for estimated timelines related to zones being constructed in 2022. 

Please remember that there are many factors that could change these timelines! 

In Service Zones - Construction including drops is complete for: 

Bean Blossom 101 & 102

Brooklyn 102, 104, & 105

Cope 101, 102, & 104

Drop Zone 1

East Madison 103 & 104

Ellettsville 101* & 105*

Heartland 103 & 104

Martinsville SE

Needmore 102*,103*, & 104*

Paragon 101, 102, 103

Park Ave 101 & 104

Princes Lake 101, 103, & 104

Stader 104

Wilbur 103

Smithville - Rodeo
Smithville - Ellettsville South
Smithville - McNeely
Smithville - Franklin
Smithville - Sherfield

New orders for these zones are continually coming inOur target is to provide service to any new orders in these zones within 6-8 weeks of registering if weather allows.  

*Indicates areas where we are awaiting equipment delivery and as a result, timelines may be affected. 

Active Drops ConstructionThe following areas are actively building drops:

  • Brummetts Creek 103,104, 105 (drop construction/service activations to continue through the fall
  • Dolan 105 (drop construction/service activations to continue through the fall)    
  • Carp 101 (drop construction/service activations to continue through the fall)
  • Carp 102 (drop construction/service activations are just starting and will continue through fall)

Construction – In Progress:

Romona 101*: Distribution construction has started, with drops expected to start in late 2022.


Romona 103*: Distribution construction complete. Splicing will begin in mid October, with drops expected to start in late 2022.


Romona 104*: Distribution construction and splicing are nearly completed. Drops will be starting in October.


Spencer* (North and South): Distribution construction is nearing completion, with drops expected to start in the fall and activations to start in late 2022.

Hart Lake: Distribution construction has begun and will continue through fall 2022 with drops coming in winter/spring 2023.

Freedom: Construction of the backbone from our territory boundary into UDWI territory has begun. Expect to start distribution construction, in the area shown in red, once the backbone is complete. 


SCI REMC/Smithville Partnership Zone Updates:


Mount Carmel:  Distribution construction and splicing is complete.  We expect to begin the acceptance process in October 2022.


Stinesville North: Distribution construction is 80% complete. Three sections are complete with two in the acceptance process. Drops and activations in accepted areas are expected to start in October of 2022.


Modesto: Distribution construction is 50% complete.  Drops and activations are expected to start by the end of the year.


We continue to construct backbone fiber throughout our system ahead of the distribution fiber.  The backbone is used to interconnect our substations enabling smart grid technology to improve the safety and reliability of our electric distribution system. In addition, it provides the fiber connectivity from our headend to your home.  Construction is currently focusing on building backbone along the southern and northern portions of our system to create “rings.”  These rings provide redundant paths from the substations back to our headend.  This means that if one path, for some reason, gets cut, the system will automatically redirect traffic to the backup path and prevent a service outage to our electric distribution devices as well as your home.


Construction of our backbone tie through Spencer has begun.  Estimating completion of the segment in November 2022.

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