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Fiber Protection Plan Overview and Terms and Conditions

10:50PM May 08, 2024

Rev. 1.2  -  5/1/24


Accidents and everyday wear can cause damage to equipment, wiring and fiber jacks inside your home.  For a monthly fee of $14.99, you get a plan that covers many of the transportation, labor and material costs associated with fixing these issues.

Costs covered under the Fiber Protection Plan:

·       Up to two truck rolls to your home, on a rolling 12-month basis, for fiber diagnostic and repair services.

·       The replacement or repair of any connected and active wiring, jumpers, fittings, and jacks that were installed by SCI Fiber and that have not become inaccessible, as deemed by the technician at the time of repair, due to building construction, building modification or any other cause beyond SCI Fiber’s control.

·       Diagnostic testing for determining the functionality of connections between SCI Fiber’s equipment and your internet service.

·       Replacing or repairing defective or malfunctioning equipment installed by SCI Fiber.

·       Maintenance of SCI Fiber equipment and network due to interference from hardware or software added by the customer.


Costs excluded from the Fiber Protection Plan:

·       Any truck roll and associated cost that is the third or more service call in the previous 12 months that otherwise would have been covered under the plan.

·       The cost of fixing or repairing damage due to misuse, neglect, or willful destruction of fiber, wiring or equipment.

·       Repair or maintenance of any wiring not installed by SCI Fiber or considered to be inaccessible by the service technician.

·       Repair of equipment, or connection or wiring thereto, not owned by SCI Fiber.

·       Act of God/Force Majeure

·       Outlets or wiring not actively associated with delivering SCI Fiber service.

·       Installation of jacks or connectors to new locations.

·       Outside wiring more than 10’ away from where the fiber enters the residence.

·       Extensions to detached structures/buildings.

·       Repair or replacement of electrical wiring.

·       Voluntary equipment exchange.

·       Customer installed Ethernet wiring used for a home network.

·       Dispatch costs for equipment pickup if account is disconnected.

·       Fixing hardware, software or services not currently supported by SCI Fiber services and policies.

·       Multiple dwelling units, apartments, condominiums, temporary housing and commercial accounts.

·       Service costs for SCI Fiber’s inability to provide services due to unsafe access to the premises.





Fiber Protection Plan Terms and Conditions

Rev. 1.2 – Effective 5/1/24




Section #01: T&C Scope and Duration

The Terms and Conditions contained herein are specific to the Fiber Protection Plan and are additive to the Residential Terms and Conditions, which also apply.  The Residential Terms and Conditions apply both to Customer’s fiber service as well as Customer’s Fiber Protection Plan, and these Terms and Conditions address certain differences between the two services.  In no way do these Terms and Conditions affect the Residential Terms and Conditions and its applicability to the Internet service contract already existing between SCI Fiber and Customer.


These Terms and Conditions remain in effect until Customer’s subscription to the Plan terminates and both Customer’s Internet Service and Fiber Protection Plan account balances have been paid in full.


SCI Fiber can amend or change these Terms and Conditions at any time at its sole discretion.  The most current Terms and Conditions will be posted on the SCI Fiber website and subscribers will be notified by email at least 30 days prior to any material changes in the terms and conditions taking effect.  The Terms and Conditions in effect at the time of contract signing will apply throughout the duration of the contract.  Upon manual or automatic renewal of contract the current Terms and Conditions active at that time will take effect.  It is Customer’s responsibility to visit the SCI Fiber website to review the Terms and Conditions in effect at that time.



Section #02:  Eligibility

To be eligible for Fiber Protection Plan, Customer must be an existing subscriber to SCI Fiber residential services, not have a delinquent payment status, and not be in breach of terms or conditions with any SCI REMC services.



Section #03: Payment Terms

By subscribing to the services of the Fiber Protection Plan, Customer agrees to pay monthly charges in advance, including, but not limited to all applicable taxes and fees. Tax rates are subject to change during the term of the contract.  Customer’s monthly charges will be adjusted according to applicable tax rates.  Customer agrees to pay the full balance due, as indicated on the monthly statement.



Section #04: Service Initiation, Renewal and Termination

The Fiber Protection Plan is effective the day it is ordered, or the day Internet service is turned on, whichever is later, with an initial term of one year, and then will auto-renew on a monthly basis.


Customer may terminate Customer’s subscription to the plan but will be responsible for the full amount of each monthly payment through the end of the Plan’s term.  Customer’s request to terminate the contract must be provided to in writing to SCI Fiber in writing at:  SCI Fiber, 300 Morton Ave, Martinsville IN  46151.



Section #05: Access to Premises

By entering into this Agreement, Customer agrees to continue to provide access to Customer’s premises per the Residential Terms and Conditions which currently apply, but agrees to expand access to cover the scope of activities required by SCI Fiber to fulfill its responsibilities under the Fiber Protection Plan.


Furthermore, Customer acknowledges it is Customer’s responsibility to ensure the access provided is considered safe, as determined by the SCI Fiber technician at that time, and that if not, the service call will not be covered by the Plan and Customer will be charged for the visit.

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